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Diane Gallo is an award-winning fiction writer, screenwriter and performance poet. She holds the New Writers Award for short fiction from Capital Magazine for House of Cards. Her screenplay "Ruby Moon" received a commendation award from the American Women in Radio & TV and was a finalist for the Robert M. Bennett drama award from the American Film Institute. 

A master teaching artist and co-founder of the Association of Teaching Artists, Diane works extensively with schools and cultural institutions throughout New York and the northeast and is a featured presenter at national and international language conferences and poetry festivals. 

Diane, a Dodge poet with the Geraldine Dodge Poetry Foundation, was recently named one of America's 250 most gifted community artists by the Mid-Atlantic Foundation's Creating for the Millennium - Artists & Communities program funded by the National Endowment for the Arts. Signs of Departure, a chapbook of her prose & poetry, was recently released by Pudding House Publications. (Publications page)

The artist's friend, Mithter Wabbit.

An irreverent view of the artist's life--

What Really Happened

We all have to start somewhere!